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    what we do

    How It Works

    1 discover

    We meet with you one-on-one and get to know you and your organization better; what your vision is, your pain points and how we can solve them by leveraging creative solutions.

    2 Strategize

    Our team works with you to develop a comprehensive and custom plan using the latest tech, design trends and marketing processes in alignment with your brand and audience.

    3 Fulfill

    Whether your brand requires design, media or marketing, we work closely with you in executing your strategy while continuously making improvements along the way.

    4 Delight

    We ensure you get the results you’re looking for. Whether it’s in sales, audience outreach or production, we crunch the data and feedback to nurture growth for your business.


    I’m Chris Javier.

    As a seasoned brand and marketing director having worked with businesses both big and small, I’ve come to realize unique and innovative ideas in the digital space. I believe these ideas were thought up by even greater people. At Chris Javier Design, we'd like to continue that trend. Our aim is to always work with just one more of these fine folks to help transform their idea into a reality.

    If you think this is you, then you either own a business, aspire to, or are entrusted to help someone run theirs. Whether you need to strengthen your brand’s presence, establish your home on the internet, tell your story in a creative way, launch your product or service, even increase web traffic, leads or sales - we can make that happen.

    Meet the crew

    Michael Sulayao

    Senior Designer

    Milessa Rollon

    Marketing Manager

    why us?

    These are just some of the brands we've made an impact with


    We understand feelings aren’t fact, but they’re definitely a factor.

    Design is the language of feeling. Making data-driven decisions to create a journey for your audience is needed to widen emotional impact. Great design is the art of fully conveying ideas using the least amount of elements. It's when form doesn't diminish function. A picture may speak a thousand words but great design doesn’t waste them.


    The only negative attitude we have is for paddings and margins.

    Staying up to date with the latest design trends can mean fearless use of negative space. We let our designs breathe so your audience can too. Digital design using clean and responsive and concepts create the best user experiences. The latest tech and media formats constantly change and we can make them an integral part of your story.


    Our design recipe calls for the medium being the message

    We go the extra mile with web, print and product design. We’ve designed across every format and ensure to convey your message to the nature of that medium. We set your organization up for success by integrating and developing modern solutions. Streamlining and automation certainly has its merits (and we use them all the time!) but while competitors sell it by the box, we think outside of it.


    We can identify client needs to develop stories and solutions.

    Anyone who’s ever bought a drill never wanted a drill - they wanted a hole. When some folks want a website, what they truly seek is a means to generate revenue. When some clients order a graphic, it's because they actually have a story to tell. Every company is in the business of seeking the most challenging problems. We help you solve them.