This world just has so many great ideas. They’re thought up by even greater people.
I want to help as many as I can.

As I've embarked on a few ventures myself, I understand the process and journey it takes to create an impactful and meaningful brand experience using digital media.

My goal is to mold all these little pixels & bits and transform your vision into a reality.
Help me, help you.

Brands I've Made An Impact With
Brand Development
I’ve helped shape brands and personalities, breathing life into their identities. Through brand styling and design to strategizing a bold mission and philosophy, I can help you establish an identity that perfectly reflects your brand vision and culture.

A powerful message is amplified when communicated through compelling visuals. A picture might speak a thousand words, but a great story makes them listen. I’ve helped countless brands, businesses and personalities share their message, product or service through web design, graphics and video. 

Business Development
No one will ever remember what you say or do, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. Brands and businesses are built on the foundation of fostering strong relationships and building value to continue the conversation. Let me help you generate innovative ideas to reach your goals and create that dialogue.

People, places and things. I add the “Ou!” to every noun I capture through the lens. No great photo is alike. Your brand deserves to stay true to itself with its own, unique visuals.

Mark Vallena

MLSE - Creative Producer

"Chris is a true professional and always puts me and all of his clients needs first! Pleasure to work with and I'd recommend him to anybody... and I have!"


Akil Augustine

NBA TV - Host

"Chris has done an amazing job creating the look of my brand and helped me create a presence online. From logo work to my web site and event materials he has been my one stop shop for all things digital."


Duane Watson

TSN 1050 - Radio Host

"Chris makes it easy. He delivers digital solutions that are timely, creative, engaging, dope and effective!"

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