Mount Phenom: Brand Director & Video Producer


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    In 2019, Amuka Esports developed an original tournament series consisting of 3 Esports titles: Rainbox Six Siege, CS:GO and Super Smash Bros. We were tasked to develop and design the name and brand for this series which included the flagship title Mount Phenom and sub-brands covering all 3 games. The name Mount Phenom was chosen to represent gamers’ peak performance and the journey it takes to reach it.

    Merging these 3 existing tournaments into one required design styles with their own unique flare while still being visually cohesive as single brand.

    We adopted a high-contrast, retro-neon design style for Mount Phenom which housed the 3 sub-brands with logos designed as 90’s style 2D-badges. On the website, we utilized CSS parallax to create on-scroll animations for a cloudy foreground.

    We were also tasked with producing and directing the tournament’s trailer video, and integrated product placement within Amuka Esports’ network of companies and partners such as Organized Gaming and Corsair.

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