Hoop Club TO & NIKE

Chris Javier Marketing, Portfolio, Video

About this project

Hoop Club is a gathering of individuals from all walks of life, celebrating Toronto’s rich and rapidly growing basketball legacy.

Forming a collective – an alliance – both professionally and personally, Hoop Club is about sharing resources and ideas, lending support and pushing the game forward.

Revering the path the Toronto game has taken, and re-writing it’s legacy moving forward. Hoop Club pays tribute to the past, through the leaders of the present, cementing a solid foundation for the future of the game.

My role & contributions

I was enlisted by NBA TV’s Akil Augustine and TSN Radio’s Duane Watson to conceptualize and design the web presence for the Hoop Club TO basketball initiative, made possible in part by NIKE.

This task consisted of devising a basic content marketing strategy and materializing a site design with a minimalist and lean user-experience.

Visit HoopClub.ca